15 / he+him
enfp / sanguine / hufflepuff

my favorite color is PINK in case u couldnt tell...........

hypmic, idolish7, ace attorney, bway, llsif, enstars, dream!ing, cookie run, ace attorney, sidem, tkrb

my non weeb interests are drawing and theater…….talk to me about them please

i dont really get into discourse ever and i dont have a byf but maybe dont follow me if youre gross

i occasionally reclaim the t slur + i'll tag anything except caps and pda.... please tag emeto and long/in depth discussions of christianity for me, my catch all is odl

JAKURAI JINGUJI IS MY ONE TRUE LOVE we are married and if you dont like that suck my wee wee

im also a kinny but it basically never comes up. u can ask for my list if u want and i smooch all doubles

ANYWAY uh i think thats it. feel free to dm me/talk to me if you want to be friends I LOVE YOU ALREADY……..if we have common interests/mutuals and u have some sort of extended abt i’ll basically follow back 100% of the time