jakurai fucker 9000


mixed + adhd as fuuuuck
capricorn, enfp, hufflepuff

im an exclusionist
i dont have a strong opinion on many of the current hot topics and i dont really talk about discourse anyway so it probably doesnt matter. dfi youre a freak though
i swear/make nsfw jokes a lot
im hyperfixating hard on musicals rn so im not super active here. i spend all my time on bway stan twitter now

hypmic, idolish7, theater, llsif, enst, dream!ing, ace attorney, sideM, cookie run, utaite, tkrb

my loves r jakurai, mitsuki, takaomi, hideo, nazuna, shinobu. if you dont like them i’ll eat you

yes im a kinny…. hifumi hypmic + emmett lbbway + unlisted
doubles must follow me. ive never found an emmett double so if youre one lets get married

thats it thanks 4 reading + sidebar cred

anitwt + theater twt + longer about